Livermores best kept secret

Livermores best kept secret

Looking for something totally different to do with your friends? Set up a mystery night at the Escape Room!! It’s like living in a game of CLUE trying to find out whodunit?!?


There are 3 adventures to choose from and you have one hour to escape. Totally reasonably priced at $30 a person. It’s a great event for all ages…well MOST ages. Babies and toddlers won’t find it that interesting. However, it is a great idea for a family outing.


Although you can attend as a single or with a group as large as 10, the ideal size group is 5-6 since the rooms aren’t that big. Be sure to book online or call to make your reservations.


The three adventures (at the time of this post) are : Sherlock Holmes, Bank Heist, and Pirates Adventure. So much fun to be had here! Can be a perfect Saturday afternoon treat or an evening date!


Since we consider this one of Livermore’s best secrets, we can’t tell you too much more about it, as you will have to give it a shot for yourself!


The Escape Rooms are located at:

51 Wright Brothers Ave Ste C, Livermore, CA 94551

They can be found online at:

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