Top 5 Livermore Wineries

Top 5 Livermore Wineries

We haven’t been to them all, but we have been to A LOT of them!

The Livermore Wine Country has something for everyone. We also love to visit the Napa Valley and make it a romantic weekend; however having our very own wine country in our backyard, makes for a MUCH for more affordable and convenient experience… and just as fun!

In no particular order, here are our Livermore favorite wineries to visit and why:




 1. Murrieta’s Well

Recently renovated this winery has created a wonderful storybook ambiance for their guests to enjoy. I feel like I am in Napa when I come to Murrieta’s Well. The wines are delicious, the setting is lovely, the history of this place is rich in heritage.

2. Big White House

We LOVE this place! As they say “we don’t do manicured lawns and fancy fountains, we do big, balanced reds and tasty whites.” This place doesn’t look fancy at all… but we promise there will be a party in your mouth once your start tasting their wines! They offer two labels: Big White House and their premium label John Evans.

3. Fenestra

The first time we came here, we fell in love. It is so rustic and serene; the picnic tables and gardens are picturesque. The setting is historic and has ruins from turn of the century original winery that was there. It’s like going back in time!

4. Rodrigue Molyneaux

They have the most unique variety of wine. No one else here makes the varieties they do. Their tasting room garden is magical. It’s next to the horse stables and it’s just so pretty and serene. They are very small lot and all of their grapes are grown here in Livermore, mostly on their property. You MUST try their Nebbiolo!

5. Page Mill Winery

Great family style winery that is intimate and quaint. We’ve always received great service from their wine pourers and never cease to make us feel welcome and special. Their tasting garden is so cute and comfortable, too! The wines are great and the environment is relaxing and fun.


If you prefer not to drive, we highly recommend experiencing the Livermore Wine Trolley You can’t go wrong for $100- 3 wineries and lunch (tasting fees included). Or you can charter your own trolley for larger parties. Either way, it’s a fun way to experience the Livermore Wine Country.

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